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Big Cat Encounters

Safari Adventures Mauritius brings to you the first "Lion Encounter" on the island. This exclusive activity is available all year at the Casela Nature & Leisure Park, Mauritius.

This is a unique opportunity available only to the people who are fortunate enough to decide to visit the park at least once in their lifetime. They may feel and study the primitive behaviour of the lions, cheetah and tigers and share their "Pride" of being in their natural state.

All these thrilling sensations are brought to you by a more than an experienced team with over three generations in the area of lion handling, training and expertise. We have conducted thousands of walks and interactions over the years. Safari Adventures offers you the safest Big Cat Encounter, a world leader in any Lion, Tiger and Cheetah encounter, and is second to none.

Big Cat Encounters includes the exclusive Walking with Lion Experience, Walking with Tigers and the ever-popular Interaction with the Cats.

The activity you are paying for does not include the Rs700.00 entrance fee to the park itself.  This Rs700. Does however include Toboggan, 3D interactive map, Walk thru aviary, Safari Game Drive, Big Cat viewing, Giraffe Platform, Kids playground and the Petting farm


30 Sep 2015
We came to Mauritius for our 10th wedding Anniversary and visited Casela park for the walk with lions experience.. I can't even begin to tell you how amazing it was to see and be up close to the beautiful and majestic cats, not once did we feel nervous or apprehensive, our guide Steven was funny &informative, as were the rest of the team... We even met the owners a Son who congratulated us on our special day. These cats are very well looked after and the mutual respect is very evident between them & the handlers, they're not doped in anyway, and are very much a joy to watch in their own "back yard" if you come to Mauritius on holiday it would be tragic not to do this once in a lifetime experience.. Thank you to all at Casela Park.

» Colin & Julie
29 May 2015
“wonderful experience” Very well run park , all the animals look well cared for and content. the walk with lions is a very genuine and amazing experience they just get on with their usual routine and dictate what happens and when.Only the confidence and professionalism of the keepers makes you feel safe. Steven was a great guide!Jack Glasgow

» Jack
14 May 2015
“WOW - did we really just do that!!” Being a nature lover and seeing animals not within our reach back home, this place has it all. The highlight of the day was walking with Lions! Not looking through a fence, not 10 minute interaction with a photo, not a 10 wk old cub....... actually in the jungle walking with real lions, loose and free to do what they wanted...wow!!! what an experience to see these creatures in such close proximity, to touch them, to be with them whilst fearing for your life, unbelievable. Now of course there were staff there (trainers) that were extremely knowledgeable and told us exactly what we should, could, and shouldn't do and this was really reassuring. An absolute experience that is up there with the most impressive and memorable, loads and fotos and videos that our friends and family are in awe at------ this is a must!!!

» AndykTonyrefail
14 May 2015
Walk with Lions is absolutely great!” If visiting Mauritius, do not miss walking with Lions activity, is truly great experience. I appreciated very much the way the place is run, the respect and care that guides shows to lions. Not a classical zoo in any fashion but a place where lions growth and share with people. In a word: awesome. Congrats

» Flurriaf
06 May 2015
SO having been to the Tiger Temple in Thailand who according to me seem a little doped up, I was not expecting much at this visit though was very excited to meet Lions close up. Must say, was totally surprised. The lions are really healthy and most importantly awake and alive and very active. The trainers there were really friendly, funny, and interactive as well as informative. The walk with the lions is definitely something you must do along with the interaction with the Lion cubs if you go there. We got to walk with them, touch them while we were walking with them, see them climb tree etc etc. Definitely go and visit Casela for this

» Saphire
10 Mar 2015
I walked with lions in february 2014. It was the best experience I ever had! The guides were great: they explained a lot of interesting things around the lions life and behaviour! Thank you very much for this woderful day!

» Bettina Bauer
05 Feb 2015
Nous venons de terminer notre marche avec les lions. C'était une expérience vraiment incroyable! The wallk is the best as one walks right next to the lions with the trainers and learns about them.. You are right there next to them. Jim our guide was the best, very professional and funny. The photographer Sylvestre took excellent photos of us with the lions, worthwhile buying for around 25 euros. If possible, it is worthwhile to also see the baby lions, pet them. In addition to visiting the lions, the park overall is excellent, well done. beautiful natural settings. Take the bus safari as well and see zebras, impalas, giraffes, etc. all included with the park entry fare. Merci et Bravo a l'equipe!

» Susana
22 Oct 2014
“once in a life time experience” 5 of 5 stars Reviewed October 20, 2014 NEW Brilliant must do! All the animals are well looked after and cleaned out fed and have a skip in their step which says alot. The lions are aleart and have nice size enclosures and in good condition. The keepers have respect for the lions as an interactee you go round the lion and not the other way round and as an animal lover this is what I would expect. These are not circus animals if they did not want to be touched they were left alone. So compliments to safari adventures for their deadication to such beautiful animals. Visited October 2014

» Hammond
16 Sep 2014
A visit to Casela nature park is a must. This was the highlight of our visit to Mauritis and well worth the journey. From start to finish the walk with the lions was amazing, from their cheeky looks to their elegant stance. Staff are fantastic and funny while your safety is paramount,not that you need worry as these animals were great around us humans. 10 out of 10 and if you do one visit, make sure it's to walk with the lions. Such majestic animals David &Carol

» David McDonald
13 Jun 2014
Quelle merveilleuse expérience nous avons vécu ! Nous avons fait une marche avec Douga et une lionne, fantastique ! Merci à Bruno, Kevin et Nico ainsi que les 2 jeunes pour les photos et vidéos que je me lasse pas de regarder ! super pro l équipe ! Aurore

» Aurore et Akila
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