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05 Feb 2015
Nous venons de terminer notre marche avec les lions. C'était une expérience vraiment incroyable! The wallk is the best as one walks right next to the lions with the trainers and learns about them.. You are right there next to them. Jim our guide was the best, very professional and funny. The photographer Sylvestre took excellent photos of us with the lions, worthwhile buying for around 25 euros. If possible, it is worthwhile to also see the baby lions, pet them. In addition to visiting the lions, the park overall is excellent, well done. beautiful natural settings. Take the bus safari as well and see zebras, impalas, giraffes, etc. all included with the park entry fare. Merci et Bravo a l'equipe!

» Susana
22 Oct 2014
“once in a life time experience” 5 of 5 stars Reviewed October 20, 2014 NEW Brilliant must do! All the animals are well looked after and cleaned out fed and have a skip in their step which says alot. The lions are aleart and have nice size enclosures and in good condition. The keepers have respect for the lions as an interactee you go round the lion and not the other way round and as an animal lover this is what I would expect. These are not circus animals if they did not want to be touched they were left alone. So compliments to safari adventures for their deadication to such beautiful animals. Visited October 2014

» Hammond
16 Sep 2014
A visit to Casela nature park is a must. This was the highlight of our visit to Mauritis and well worth the journey. From start to finish the walk with the lions was amazing, from their cheeky looks to their elegant stance. Staff are fantastic and funny while your safety is paramount,not that you need worry as these animals were great around us humans. 10 out of 10 and if you do one visit, make sure it's to walk with the lions. Such majestic animals David &Carol

» David McDonald
13 Jun 2014
Quelle merveilleuse expérience nous avons vécu ! Nous avons fait une marche avec Douga et une lionne, fantastique ! Merci à Bruno, Kevin et Nico ainsi que les 2 jeunes pour les photos et vidéos que je me lasse pas de regarder ! super pro l équipe ! Aurore

» Aurore et Akila
22 May 2014
“Incredible experience” We walked with the lions for over an hour on our honeymoon. It's one of only 3 places in the world you can have this experience. We've got some amazing photo souvenirs with us touching them. Loved it! Visited May 2014

» Fiona M
17 Feb 2014
It was the highlight of this trip. A MUST when you come to Mauritius. We were there in Dec. which was supposed to be summer, but there was a level 2 cyclone which almost caused us to miss this. We were very privileged to have Graeme Bristow walk us with his big cats, Shumba and Matala that day. Graeme is the owner who runs this Safari Adventure Mauritius which is inside the Casela Leisure and Nature Park. So, pay the entrance fee (360 MUR or Mauritian Rupee or about 12 USD) to get into the park, then pay another fee (3,000 MUR) to Walk with the Lions. There're quite a few zones for different activities. It wasn't as frightening as imagined, more enjoyable, fun, and felt very safe, as a matter of fact. The walk takes about 45 minutes to 1 hour, depends on the mood of the lions. They are not that very big and a bit playful. There're 2 other staff and a camera man who also accompanied the Walk. What you get to do during the Walk includes seeing the lions performances like tree climbing, photo moment, patting them, etc.. You can also get the video at ~1,000 MUR.

» Janejit
06 Jan 2014
Most amazing trip ever - once in a lifetime experience” 5 of 5 stars Reviewed January 2, 2014 NEW Words do not do justice to this experience. If you do nothing else in Mauritius, do this. We walked for over 1 hour with a 20 month old white lioness and an 8 month old lion cub and I was close to tears for most of the experience through joy. It's simply breathtaking to see such relaxed lions enjoying their environment and being allowed to interact responsibly with such majestic creatures was an honour. I would have loved to spend more time at the total park but due to transfers, we weren't able to, so suggest you add on at least 2 more hours to your visit so you can enjoy the whole park Holiday addict 51

» Holiday aAddict 51
24 Oct 2013
This was at the top of our to do list in Mauritius and we were not disappointed! We walked with 2 white lions in a group of 11 people and it was the most amazing thing we have ever done! The lions were beautiful and clearly well looked after, the guides only carry sticks and treats and if the lions decide to wander off they let them. Our guide bruno was very informative and made sure that we all got time to interact with them (more time than we thought we'd get!) and have our photos taken. We purchased the photos and DVD which are fantastic! Cannot recommend this experience enough. Visited October 2013

» Carly R
24 Oct 2013
Oh my goodness...we went to Mauritius with the intention that we wouldn't come home without doing this trip.....gosh what a wonderful day out !!! We booked with Vijay on the beach at Trou Aux Biches and didn't regret it at all - MUCH cheaper than booking through the travel agent's representative and excellent attention from him on each trip we booked. This particular attraction is well worth every penny - the lions aren't caged or in any sort of zoo - they have acres of land to roam and are looked after so well by their keepers. We also played with lion cubs...awww...how sweet was that !! DVD at the end of the visit was really worthwhile at around £20 for a video of the whole experience and all the professional photos taken while we were walking with the big cats and also the ones playing with the cubs. The Casela nature and leisure park where the lions are situated is also tremendous - must spend time before or after the lion experience walking the park - wonderfully maintained and loads of different animals to see. Highly recommended.

» Scoobyed
24 Oct 2013
I visited Safari Adventures with a large group and we were fortunate enough to have our own 'Walk with the Lions'. Ryan, our guide was very professional and informed us of the safety requirements of us and answered all our questions. The two male lions who came out with their trainers were well trained and the lions walked in front of the trainers, with Ryan behind them and us behind. We could see the lions clearly. We all held a stick, as the lions then believe we are trainers, as trainers always have a stick. Smart! Each of us in the group had a chance to stroke the young white lion on his back and tail while a trainer kept the lion seated on the rock. the lion has been well trained. The white lion climbed a tree as the trainer encouraged him to do so. The brown lion was younger and spent time with the trainers and allowed Ryan to rub his tummy. it was a wonderful experience and we were able to buy a copy of the video and the photos of ourselves patting the lion for 1,000 rupees. I recommend the Lion Walk. Children have to be a certain height before they can participate.

» 71happytraveller
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