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04 Jun 2013
This is an ABSOLUTE must!, the park and wildlife itself is amazing and beautiful, but the best part was "walking with the lions" - interacting with real lions, such a great experience and you are able to take photos as well - probably the closest you will ever get to a real life lion!

» Jaspreet C
24 May 2013
TripAdvisor is delighted to recognise Safari Adventures Lion Encounter with a 2013 Certificate of Excellence. This prestigious award, which places you in the top-performing 10% of all businesses worldwide on TripAdvisor, is given to businesses that consistently earn high ratings from TripAdvisor travellers.

» Julie Bristow
24 May 2013
TripAdvisor is delighted to recognise Safari Adventures Lion Encounter with a 2013 Certificate of Excellence. This prestigious award, which places you in the top-performing 10% of all businesses worldwide on TripAdvisor, is given to businesses that consistently earn high ratings from TripAdvisor travellers.

» Julie Bristow
27 Mar 2013
Saw this place advertised in a magazine at the airport when we arrived in Mauritius and thought we have to do it! We decided to do the interaction with the Lions and the Cheetahs, it was very reasonably priced and what a great experience it was. I can't recommend this enough. We didn't do all the other things offered at the nature park so I can't comment on those, my review is purely about the interaction with the Lions and Cheetahs. To be able to actually pat/stroke and stand right near these beautiful animals was just amazing. The rangers were really lovely and friendly and you felt safe as they stood all around you. You were able to take as many photos and videos as you liked which I found amazing as normally in these situations they would say you can only purchase their photos for extortionate prices. They did also take their own photos, and you could buy the whole lot of your family that they took for one set price, which again was very reasonable. I have to say this was easily the highlight of our holiday. Monique Perth

» Monique
27 Mar 2013
The park is very easy to find and we arrived about 9.30am which is probably the best time as its quiet then. On arrival we decided to do both the lion and cheetah experience and we were surprised how cheap it was – both interactions and the park admission was only £50 for the pair of us. We were directed to a parking area where we were met by a minibus that was to take us to the cats. There was only one other couple on the bus so we were quite excited at the prospect of the four of us going into the lions enclosure! On arrival we were given a briefing by the keepers and given a stick to carry into the enclosure as the lions apparently respect this. The visit was absolutely fantastic and both of us were able to stroke the lions and have our photo taken next to them. The second part of our experience was with the Cheetahs and we were amazed to find that we were the only ones that wanted to experience this! Whilst the lions were great, the cheetahs were something else. Like before were got up close and personal with these fantastic animals and one of them rolled over onto its back and started purring like a domestic cat at home! A truly wonderful experience. During the interaction the keepers take lots of photos and at the end there is the opportunity to purchase a DVD with these on. Unlike Disneyland, Legoland and virtually every other attraction I have visited in other countries, the disc was priced at only £5 and included some fantastic professional images of these wonderful creatures as well. Our only regret was that we didn’t visit earlier in the holiday as we would have certainly gone back for a second visit.

» spauley
27 Mar 2013
On arriving in Mauritius my daughter picked up a magazine at the airport and saw this place advertised in there. She was so excited as she loves lions and this was her dream. We went to the park in the second week of our holiday. We decided that we didn't want to do the zip wires, quad bikes or the walking with lions but to just do the lions and cheetahs interaction. We would have also done the tigers but their tigers had become teenagers so were a little bit too boisterous to interact with at that time. We felt that the price of interacting with each animal was really reasonable compared to walking with the lions. We got taken on a safari type bus to where the enclosures were and then went in a meet the lions and cubs. There were 4 of us in our family and we were joined by another couple, so a lovely small group. We were given a stick which is a sign of respect and then entered their enclosure with four rangers. It was a truly amazing and worthwhile experience. We got to stroke the cubs and lions one at a time whilst the rest of your family were freely allowed to take their own photos and videos. There was also someone there taking official photos too which we ended up buying as you got all the photos they took of your family on a disc for a really reasonable price. We then went in with the cheetahs, this time we were lucky enough for it to just be our family. They were again beautiful and even purred whilst you were stroking them! We found the rangers to be very friendly and this experience really made our holiday in Mauritius, we are left with great memories.

» paola
11 Mar 2013
For Safari Adventures We had a fantastic experience with you Walk Whit Lion and Interaction whit Cheetah on Saturday 16 February. We are two adults and three teenage which had an amazing experience with you that we will never forget. Big thanks to the super talented keepers We highly recommend you Greetings Family Pedersen Denmark

» Pedersen Family
07 Jan 2013
This was an amazing experience and one to be tried when in Mauritius. The staff that walked with us and the Lions were very entertaining and took great care of the group, especially when noticing one of the Lions had wandered behind the group, presumably preparing to attack. It was a fantastic experience to walk with Lions and actually pet them. The staff did make it a bit difficult to make our own video or take pictures but all became clear when the walk progressed. They follow the group taking pictures and videos and provide a disk at the end of the tour for a fee. To be honest it is well worth the money and the angles they take pictures and video from is much better than I could get. Loic is hilarious and keeps everyone entertained, even the most nervous visitor is encouraged to get involved. Excellent activity, and I highly recommend it.

» julie
05 Jan 2013
Merci, merci et encore merci. Je suis venue de France juste pour marcher avec les lions et c'était génial. Les guides sont extras, tout était parfait, bien au delà de mes attentes. A vivre et revivre... je reviendrai marcher avec les tigres j'espère. Merci à tous

29 Dec 2012
Bonjour, Par ce mail, je viens vous souhaiter une bonne et heureuse année 2013, surtout une bonne santé et beaucoup de bonheur. Encore merci,pour le moment merveilleux que j'ai passée avec mes deux tigres AJANTA et CHILKA pour mes 50 ans, d'ailleurs j'espère qu'ils vont bien !Vous êtes, une équipe formidable, sympatique, et passionnée, vous avez un beau métier!!! Dans l'attente de revenir dans votre magnifique pays, je vous embrasse tous bien fort. Christine Mainpin de la France

» julie
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