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17 Sep 2012

» Kim Parker
23 Aug 2012
We visited Mauritius in August 2012 (from California) and this was, by far, the highlight of the trip! Although the "walk" was unavailable, I had the pleasure of interacting with 2 juvenile lions. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! And, of course, the keepers were amazing.

» Rania Sarkis
03 Aug 2012
Amazing! I was one of the lucky ones to do the first walk with the new white cubs, there was 2 of them one lil male and his sister, oh so cute playing together we even go to stroke them. This is a real must for anyone visiting Mauritius.

» Emily Dubben
27 Jul 2012
Thank you for a memorable experience, it was the highlight of our holiday. And just to say - the DVD is fantastic!!! John and Julie

» John & Julie
27 Jul 2012
We have just returned from Mauritius - Wow what an amazing experience we had at you park thank you so much for a great day and time I Shall certainly be recommending it to all our customers back here in the UK that will visit David

» david Stock
17 Jul 2012
I visited Safari Adventures at Casela on five occasions during my two-week stay in Mauritius in June/July 2012, and went on six walks and had ten interactions with the big cats. It had always been my dream to pat a lion, which was the reason I travelled to Mauritius. It was an absolutely amazing experience that will stay with me forever. The walks are simply amazing to have the chance to walk side-by-side with a lion is incredible. There are plenty of opportunities to pat and photograph the lions on the walks. The separate interactions are also amazing standing inside a lion enclosure with lions all around you, and having the opportunity to pat them and have your photo taken with them is outstanding. The animals are very well-mannered, and absolutely gorgeous! Everyone was very friendly and welcoming, and I give particular thanks to Daren (my fantastic guide) and Ryan, who both went well out of their way to accommodate me and my wishes. I will be forever grateful to them and the entire team at Safari Adventures. The photography and video staff are also outstanding, and I would definitely recommend purchasing the DVD and CD of each walk and interaction I have six in my collection and they will be treasured. I also had the pleasure of meeting Graeme and Julie (the owners) and I greatly admire their vision and share their passion for the conservation of these amazing animals. All of the animals are so obviously well cared for and loved. I look forward to seeing the four new gorgeous white lion cubs grow up! This experience was one of the highlights of my life, and I would strongly recommend it to anyone visiting the beautiful island of Mauritius. Thank you to everyone at Safari Adventures for making my dream come true! Jane Alexander (Adelaide, Australia)

» Jane Alexander
21 Jun 2012
We came to Mauritius in May for our honey moon and decided to visit Casela Nature & Leisure Park. We both decided to walk with lions and tigers on 8th May 2012. It was a life time experience which we will not forget ever. We would strongly recommended every one to visit and experience.

» Manish Sharma
10 May 2012
We did the cheetah and tiger interaction on our honeymoon and it was absolutely fantastic. The keepers were really friendly especially Ryan who also took the photos, what a fantastic bloke. Can highly recommend Casela Park to anyone.

» Sarah Hird
07 May 2012
we visited the lions and cheetahs on the 4th of may,we had booked this trip months in advance of our arrival in mauritius and wow we were not disapointed in any way it was a great enjoyable experience these are awsome preditors who are really well trained and cared for by friendly staff who treat you very well and make you feel welcome.thankfully this is not your typical zoo.congratulations team you gave us a memborable experience we will never forget.thank you rob and sue from sunshine coast,australia.PS the cheetahs are incredible

» robert werda
17 Apr 2012
On 12th April 2012 my daughter and I went for the walking with lion experience. The experience we had was a surreal. It was just fantastic and I felt I was one with the lions. The park contains various other animals eg Zebra,Parrots,fishes,trees eg tamararind.vegetation is green and jungle like and they also have a nice cafe and shop for gifts. You must wear a good pair of shoes or trainers and no sunglasses,backpacks or pouches on hips or bottled water in the walk! You will be asked to leave these items behind and pick them later. Firstly,you'll be allowed in a high deck area for observing the lions and tigers at play and you can take some photos. They take a movie and photos on the walk with lions later and you'll be well advised to buy these and not waste your time looking at lions through your own lens! A small fee to pay but it is definitely worth it leave this to the experts. We did take a few photos anyway and thought time would be best spent in close contact and enjoy the experience. Briefing then takes place and the rangers who are fantastic and explain the rules to us. The two lionesses one named Jumanji were then escorted into the jungle area where we walked very close behind the lionesses for over an hour so you should allow atleast 2-3 hours on the site to soak in the atmosphere and sights. The experience was outstanding as we observed lionesses walking,running,playing,jumping onto trees and eating in such close proximity with us. Excellent video and photos that we took home are now beautiful memories. Rangers were excellent,very professional and took great care of us allowing us to get close and touch the lionesses in their own surroundings. Rangers had a very close bond with the lionesses and I felt lionesses were very well looked after in a jungle environment .Later,we were treated to a nice ice cold drink and question and answer session with the rangers which we also enjoyed. There are height and age restrictions so just check prior to booking if you have young children as they may not be allowed. I was so fascinated,I booked a experience with the tigers as well and enjoyed a photo shoot with tigers for a few minutes. I would recommend this fabulous experience to any one. Kalisana Visited April 2012

» Kalisana
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