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09 Feb 2011
I went at casela safari on 12 of november with a group of children. i got the opportunity to touch the two lions. at first i was afraid but gradually its ok. i wish they had the male lion soon

» manisha
07 Feb 2011
This experience was the highlight of our 2 week holiday in Mauritius - Thank you so much

» Eva
07 Feb 2011
31.01.11 Brilliant ! A once in a lifetime experience thanks to stephan andall the crew for their commentary and guidance

» June & David
07 Feb 2011
04.02.11 Extraordinary experience! our trip to this country would not have been complete with out this Thanks

» Christine
07 Feb 2011
Just have to come back !! Unmissable and amazing.......

» Kitty
07 Feb 2011
Truely a memorable and rewarding experience

» Derek & joanna Fiore
07 Feb 2011
It was one of the most memorable experiences of our lives! It has definitely made our honeymoon even more unforgetable Thank you

» Marilia & mauricio
11 Jan 2011
Always been my favourite animal on earth& DREAM come true to interact with them.So so so like a domestic cat&affectionate,playful&wild&quick refexes at the same time.Fantastic guides to make it an amazing exerience.special thanks to Ajay my tour guided...made it so much more fun

» David
04 Nov 2010
A few years ago we had an amazing experience with the lions, an experience that will last forever. We are heading back to Mauritius next year and will be returning. This time we hope to meet the cheetahs. Thanks for the wonderful memories.

» Megan + Chris
10 Oct 2010
Thankyou to Ajay and the rest of the guys who took us out for the most memorable hour of our lives. Suku and Nunu were the nicest hosts, they even decided to catch us a rabbit. You can only admire the people who run the park and their dedication for looking after these magnificent creatures, and affording us the opportunity to get up close a personable to really really big pussycats.

» Darren Field
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